Mediumship Development

Mediumship is the ability to form a connection with Spirit, from which communication can be established between the two worlds via a medium, as mentioned in the third Principle of Spiritualism, "The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels".

Good intentions go a long way, and the whole point of mediumship is to help people. It is a vocation that requires sensitivity and compassion; without these key qualities mediumship may quickly become diluted.

Mediumship for Beginners

Most Spiritualist churches run mediumship development circles, and this should always be your first step when attempting to develop your mediumship. Sitting in circle is the single most effective way to develop.

Be prepared to try more than one circle, because finding the right development circle that suits you will be key to your development as a medium. Experience for yourself what each circle has to offer. Do they sit and meditate all the time? Do they concentrate on messaging? Are they encouraging you to work at your development? Finding the right circle is a personal choice that only you can make.

Beyond the development circle are mediumship workshops, and these can come in all shapes and sizes. It is therefore important to establish the level at which the workshop will be taught, and what sort of things will be covered. Remember that practice makes perfect, so it is important to take every opportunity to work upon your mediumship development. Mediumship workshops and student demonstrations should all be embraced in order to gain experience.

Intermediate Mediumship Development

An intermediate student would be capable of giving a message from platform or in a one-to-one situation. They would be able to provide reasonable evidence in their message, and demonstrate the ability to hold a spirit link.

The goal here would be to strengthen their mediumship. To enhance and build upon their existing clairvoyant skill as a medium, exploring different ways of working with spirit.

Advanced Mediumship Development

An advanced student would be a medium who can demonstrate their mediumship in public or through private sittings. They would be able to provide good precise evidence and be capable of maintaining a sustained link with spirit.

With any medium there is always room for some fine tuning, so they can develop to their full potential. This can be done through advanced development workshops or circles, with a tutor who can "link-in" to their communicator in order to examine their messaging.

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